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Top 10 ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

The difficult choice between Windows and Linux hosting is made and you decide to use ASP for creating your successful web site projects. Now it is high time to choose the reliable ASP.NET hosting provider that offers you all the necessary things included. Prepare for bigger prices if compare with PHP hosting, because marketed by Microsoft, ASP.NET hosting requires extra cost to spend. However, if people continue to pay more with so many free offers online, ASP.NET hosting solutions really worth it.

ASP.NET Web Hosting Reviews

Being a division of Microsoft’s .NET platform and a successor of Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, ASP.NET hosting offers you a wide range of applications to develop and build web sites, dynamic applications as well as XML Web services.

With ASP.NET to build web application is much easier just because the number of codes is not so great to deal with. You also can choose among various .NET languages that provides you with better flexibility. With the source code and HTML go together, ASP.NET hosting is also provides you with the opportunity to write and maintain the web site pages easily. Such feature as built-in configuration information make the registration of components unnecessary. On the whole, ASP.NET is considered to be fast application that can meet the requirements of plenty users with a consistency performance.

ASP.NET Shared Hosting

To choose shared hosting may be the best decision if you want to create a small website with static web pages. In this case you can choose among a lot of ASP.NET shared hosting packages that provide you with various options to take advantage of. The most important among them are disk space, bandwidth, number of domains allowed to host within one account (if you want to run multiple sites) and of course, price.

Almost all ASP.NET hosting providers offer you to enjoy shared hosting plans with unlimited features. It means you will get unlimited disk space, bandwidth as well as unlimited number of websites allowed to host within one account. Being hosted on the same server with several other sites means that such unlimited options shared among various sites. Thus, if some of these web sites grow bigger you can experience slow load time and some other problems to consider.

Cheap Budget Hosting

Shared ASP.NET hosting is the cheapest solution among Windows hosting packages. You can find hosting plan with 1 domain name allowed and 10GB disk space provided. It is quite enough to create a small website. However, if your aim is to create something great with plenty of constant visitors you should choose some other hosting plan to appreciate.

Talking about pricing and such hosting plans as dedicated or VPS, we should say that everything depends on the features you want to include into your hosting package. Usually, VPS hosting is cheaper. However, set your goals and define the features you are interested in to find out how much you should pay for it for sure.


If shared hosting is not enough, but dedicated hosting seems to be superfluous or just too expensive, VPS hosting can save you. This time your website will be also hosted with other sites on the same server, but you will have more independence. It is because this server is portioned into several virtual servers with its own features to appreciate. This time you need to analyse and count all the features you need not to buy more and spend your money for useless things.

Make sure to turn to reliable ASP.NET VPS hosting provider that offers you safe service. Today most VPS hosting companies try to earn more and portion the servers on more parts to sell. Of course, it influences on the quality of hosting services provided. Read the reviews and try to choose the best only.

ASP.NET Dedicated Hosting

To host some huge web project that may include several big websites you need to buy dedicated hosting for sure. Such type of hosting is the safest among all available. It allows you to host eCommerce site or huge portal with plenty of visitors and be sure that all the data submitted and transferred is secure. Usually ASP.NET dedicated hosting packages include all the necessary features such as dedicated IP address, private SSL certificate or unlimited MySQL databases.

Depending on the dedicated hosting package you choose you can get even several IP addresses to host numerous sites. There are managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans to choose from. Both of them provide you with some independence and allow you to configure your settings on your own. However, it is up to you to decide whether you have enough skills and time for fully management of your web site.


ASP.NET claims to be the best. However, there is a perfect alternative – the Model-View-Controller. This new framework also offers you complete control over HTML page and URL. ASP.NET MVC 2.0 was designed with testability and SoC in mind with AJAX scripting. ASP.NET MVC 2.0 works on both the Visual Studio 2010 /.Net 4 and Visual Studio 2008/.Net 3.5.

As a rule, the programs that are based on ASP.NET MVC use views and controllers. Anyway, you should decide how the data will be passed to view and expose your information for other controllers. Just choose the required method on the controlled class. The other advantage is that no postbacks and viewstates are required to save the page state as well as to service user requests. In other words, no server controls are necessary to produce the HTML pages.


Created by Microsoft, ASP.NET provides you with access to updated database that includes thorough documentation as well as useful and advanced features to buil applications and dynamic web pages. Using an optimized compiled code, ASP.NET produces faster web applications as well as offer improved code management. It also supports about 25 coding languages including Jscript, C++, C# and Basic.NET. It allows programmers to have access to other supported languages working in one programming environment.

With new version ASP.NET 4.0 released in 2010, the developers get new Visual Studio. It includes various new features presented with the Microsoft Ajax Library. Just improve the functionality of this application is not enough. With a great database of built-in tools and a wide range of resources, ASP.NET 4.0 guarantees you high quality and reliable service.


When ASP.NET appears it was a next evolution of servers driven web pages. The main feature was providing user-friendly programming interface to code for Internet. Of course, it will be useful for those who know Visual Basic and other Microsoft based client-server development tools. Today, most hosts that provide you with ASP.NET hosting support both .NET technologies – ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 3.5.

With User controls added ASP.NET 3.5 can create reusable components. With this type of hosting, web developers also can use their own methods, properties or handlers.

ASP.NET 3.5 hosting enables web developers that use C++, Java, or Visual Basic to take advantage of existing components and work with ASP.NET web pages and web forms. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editors also reduce time and efforts necessary for development a great web page. ASP.NET 3.5 hosting helps to save your time and cost if you use Microsoft Access.