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To choose the best hosting platform is a must for your successful project. However, also should find the most reliable web hosting provider to forget about problems with your uptime or security issues. Today almost all web hosting providers offer you to choose special hosing plans for your blogs depending on the content management system you prefer. The other thing is to define the size of your project, your aims and the time you want to spend on site creation. To set your budget is also necessary before you start your research in the web hosting industry. When you set your goals and know your limits it will be much easier to choose the most appropriate hosting plan among such a great diversity of offers.

We offer you the list of the top hosting companies that have already established a good reputation and have a lot of customers worldwide. You can choose shared, dedicated as well as VPS hosting plans that also have several options to choose from. We just provide you with all the necessary information and your task is to choose the things that are the best for you. For your expectations, plans and hopes.

Blog Hosting Platforms

To start a blog is quite simple. It can be your personal blog or special eCommerce portal for your developing business. Blog requires constantly updated content and user-friendly design. To have more time for content creation and promotional campaign you can automate various things such as posts publishing or data collecting. Today with various Content Management Systems you will have a lot of plugins and tools at hand to create really great-looking website with all the necessary features to make it recognizable and popular.

To choose CMS that will meet all your requirements is the first step in your blog creation. Today the most popular content management systems are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. You also can try b2evolution, Blogspot or Posterous depending on your needs and aims. Each of them can be perfect for various types of users. It depends on your programming skills and time you are going to spend on learning. And of course, let’s not forget about the type and size of web site you want to create. So, let’s find out the differences and choose the best.

Wodpress Blog Hosting

WordPress is considered to be one of the most popular CMS for today. It is easy to setup, provides you with about 12,000 plugins and various themes to appreciate. Choosing WordPress blog hosting you can create a simple static website or several of them as well as great-looking blog. If you are a beginner and has no skills in web design and programming, WordPress has a friendly community that provides you with all the necessary information if you have questions or need some themes and plugins be found. On the whole, there are not too much drawbacks with WordPress. Sometimes its features and numerous plugins are not enough to create sophisticated portals and eCommerce websites. However, if it is not the case, choose this type of hosting without hesitation.

Joomla Blog Hosting

Joomla is something between WordPress and Drupal if we are talking about the simplicity of usage. This content management system also provides you with numerous themes and templates to create a breathtaking design to attract more customers. There is also a large community that is ready to help you in case you have some problems in your web site creation and management.

Using MySQL databases you can store plenty of data and manage multiple sites as well. Choose among unlimited Joomla blog hosting plans with unlimited domains and MySQL databases provided. However, it can be useless if you want to create only one personal blog. In this case, the simplest hosting plan with 10 or 50 databases will be enough. With various themes you have a lot of options to choose from. However, you should note that some themes and plugins provided by Joomla require extra fee.

Drupal Blog Hosting

Drupal can be called the most sophisticated content management system among the above mentioned. It provides you with better features to take advantage of, but it also requires more advanced users to appreciate all the options available. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time on learning and won’t use many of features offered just because you don’t know how.

This type of hosting also provides you with plenty of themes and modules to enjoy. It is considered to be the most secure CMS with tons of features for blogging, content management and social networking. However, it requires coding knowledge to show its best. Of course, there is also a great community to turn to if you have some problem. However, it won’t help if you are a beginner or don’t have professional staff to fix all things.

Blogspot Hosting

Blospot hosting is free hosting that provided by Blogger of Google. It can be the best solution if you don’t want to spend a dime on their hosting. For example, you just starting a blog about your magic experience visiting other countries or want to share your emotions about the ecological problems in this world. In this case Blogspot is considered to be the most reliable free web host among various free hosts on the Web. However, this host is limited to running a blog only. So, if you want to create a static web site, Blogspot will be useless.

Choosing free host can lead to different issues to consider. For example, if people complain about the content on your site, Blogger can shut it down. Of course, you can contact Blogger, but there is no guarantee that your problem will be resolved fast.

The other thing to consider choosing Blogspot as your host is slow load time that may occur from time to time. Of course, with plenty offers on the Web the users will not wait for a long and just choose some other blog to visit. In other words, to rely on free hosting support is useless.

Some people decide to start with free hosting choosing Blogspot as the most reliable free host and want to upgrade to paid hosting as soon as their online business grow and they will get enough visitors. However, such migration can affect your site rankings. You will lose some of your regular visitors and to achieve your previous position will the be the case of time and effort.

Posterous Hosting

The other advantageous host for your blog is Posterous. If you are a beginner in web sites creating, to start a blog with Posterous is your best solution. You even don’t need to register. Just send your text in an email to Your blog will be created and updated. You also can include photos, videos or links into your article. The best thing is that there is no cost to use this service.

No matter where you are and how much money you have. All you need is to create a content and send it at email. What can be simplest? Visit Posterous .com site to find your blog articles published.

There are also various useful features offered by Posterous. For example, you can use autopost feature that allows you to repost your article to multiple blog sites. All this will be done automatically. Just add other platforms such as Blogger, WordPress or Tumbrl and publish your post within four free blogs. All this is easy to perform and allows you to concentrate on content creation while all other things will be completed automatically. Simplicity is the first thing offered by free blog hosts to please beginners.