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Top 10 Windows Web Hosting Providers

Despite its impressive price, Windows hosting remains to be very popular among web site owners. Thus, there are really a lot of necessary features provided that guarantee you safe and trustworthy hosting service for your web site. This platform is considered to be one of the most secure among various offers in the industry. To create, maintain and design your web site with Windows hosting is easy and takes little time.

Programming languages are the first things to consider when you decide whether you should choose Windows web hosting or not. Such type of hosting will be the best solution for ASP as well as various Windows oriented technologies such as Visual Basic, MS-Access, Windows Streaming Media or Microsoft Front Page. We offer you to choose among the best Windows hosting providers to rely on their reputation and services provided.

Windows Web Hosting Reviews

What are the things you need to pay attention to choosing Windows hosting plan? Look for enough disk space, Microsoft SQL databases, XT commerce, multiple automotive installations of scripts, access to websites domain without www, OS commerce, free website templates and many more other features to appreciate. Everything depends on your needs and expectations. We jut help you to choose the best features that are necessary for your project. To define what is really essential for your web site creation and maintaining is up to you.

Thus, to choose Windows hosting plan that will meet all your requirements is a must. No superfluous features, no extra unknown options to learn. Just choose the things you really need for your project. The size of your project, your aims and budget are the things to consider. When you define them, to choose the best web hosting plan will be much easier.

Windows Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plan is the most popular solution for small sites when you don’t have large budget to spend. Today you can choose among various Windows hosting plans that offer you various options appropriate for different types of web projects. You can choose so called start plans with 1 domain name included and limited disk space and bandwidth. There are also special shared hosting plans for small business sites or eCommerce sites. In this case you will be offered unlimited options such as unlimited disk space, unlimited domains allowed to host within one account as well as unlimited MySQL databases to store and manage your data required.

Cheap Inexpensive Hosting

You also can order private SSL as well as private IP address for extra cost choosing among various Windows shared hosting plans. Thus, you can appreciate all the things provided by shared hosting packages for affordable price. However, you need to consider whether the options provided and the price offered is worth some risks taken with shared hosting.

Choosing this type of Windows hosting you will host your web site on the same server with plenty of others sites. Some of them may use harmful software and technologies, others just spamming. You will have the same IP address with all these sites and if search engines notice that some sites violate the basic recommendations they will be banned… as well as your site and all other sites hosted on the same server. Of course, your host fix the problem, but it takes time. The time during which your web site can lose its position in search engine rankings gained with so much effort.

Windows VPS Hosting

If you want to create a large website with plenty of visitors and content pages you need more reliable hosting package than shared hosting. To create online shop or social community you can use Windows VPS hosting. In this case all the sites physically are also located on the same server, but this time such servers are portioned into virtual servers that bring you more independence. Thus, you can have more disk space and several IP address as well to host as many sites as you wish.

The other thing is to define how much disk space and RAM you need. If shared hosting provides you with unlimited features that are not so crucial with small static websites, VPS hosting requires extra fee for every option it provides you with. So, to count how much resources you need is a must.

You also should consider such thing as Windows hosting providers who offer you VPS servers at cheap price. The host providers try to portion a server in as many parts as possible and even more. Of course, it influences the quality of services provided. So, pay attention to the reputation of Windows VPS hosting provider you have trusted your website.

Windows Dedicated Hosting

If creating a huge web site or a bunch of web projects is your aim, to switch for dedicated hosting can be the best solution. Of course, such hosting plans can seem expensive, but if your website will experience slow load time or other problems with host options provided with shared or VPS hosting, you will lose even more money that spend on dedicated hosting.

Such type of Windows hosting provides you with plenty of features to enjoy. Private SSL, private IP address, unlimited MySQL databases and your own server to take advantage of. You can set your own configurations and cron jobs, choose the best options for you only and don’t worry about bad neighbourhood. There are managed and unmanaged Windows dedicated hosting plans available. Depending on your skills in web programming you can choose the hosting plan that will meet all your requirements for sure.

Microsoft IIS Web Hosting

To monitor web applications is necessary to run your web site smoothly. Using Internet Information Services or IIS developed by Microsoft can help you to prevent various problems that may occur as well as to increase the efficiency with IIS Monitoring.

With IIS monitoring processes fulfilled automatically you need to do nothing except be informed about an error or some crash if it occurs. However, this system doesn’t tell you the answer on the question “if” some problem occur. It answers “when” it can appear. With early detection of the things that may go wrong, IIS monitoring proves its effectiveness for online merchants as well as other web site owners.

ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET is Microsoft’s next upgrade for server driven web pages. It is not only about adding new functionality to ASP. To provide complete overhaul for a programming interface is ASP.NET benefits to enjoy. It allows you if you know Visual Basic and other Microsoft based client-server development tools to code easily. Choosing the most reliable hosting that supports the .NET technologies you will see that most hosing providers support ASP.NET 2.0 as well as ASP.NET 3.5.

With the release of ASP.NET 3.5 hosting, the functionality of developers who use C++, Java, or Visual Basic increase enormously. To develop with client-server allows you to transfer your skills into the internet easily.

WCF Hosting

.NET Framework 3.5 merges the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). It allows the user to create services and transfer data in and out of a workflow as well as enforce application-level protocols easily. Thanks to 3.5 version, .Net provides you with such mobile applications as LINQ (Language Integrated Query), debugging improvements, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), improved SoundPlayer by adding multiple sounds, enhanced class library documentation, improved logging features and many more others. That enables you to to develop content for Pocket PCs (PDAs) or smartphones easily.